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Vid avbokning gäller följande:

Alla avbokningar, ombokningar eller om man ville ta ner tiden för en städning, för vilken orsak som helst två dagar innan och senast kl 12:00.


Om man avbokar/ombokar sent så åker man på två timmars betalning.

Om man avbokar/ombokar samma dag som städningen sker på så åker man för hela planerade tiden.

Om man drar ner tiden pga olika orsaker så får man fortfarande betala för tiden man drog ner på. Det gäller att man drar ner på tiden två dagar innan och senast kl 12:00 för att det ska vara godkänt.


Om man har fått en städtid på Ons, tors eller kanske på fredagar så ser vi helst att ni inte avbokar så ofta. Ser vi ett mönster där man avbokar för det mesta så finns det en risk att man förlorar sin städerska eller den dagen och hamnar på måndagar eller tisdagar.

English version

***Cancelation and Rebooking, for any reason, is two days before the service session and latest at 12:00 pm. Rebooking 2 days before the booked cleaning/babysitting/cooking session and latest at 12 pm is just a wish but no guarantee.

All cancellations 2 days before the booked cleaning/babysitting session after 12 pm, will be charged 2hrs.


***Rebooking 2 days before the booked cleaning/babysitting session after 12 pm, will be charged 2hrs as this is considered a late cancellation.

Explanation: If you will rebook so late and want to change the booking to next week or on any other day, then we also lose a slot for another client. And our employees will go down in their hours. Therefore, we have to charge a 2hrs late fee. This is because we have a contract with our employees that they will get 2hrs payment for any late cancellations and late rebooking as they’re already planned their time and day for us.


***But here is the most important thing:

Changing a planned session from let's say, for example, 3hrs to 2hrs (2days before the booked cleaning/babysitting session after 12 pm) goes under late cancellation policy and we still need to pay our employees for the promised time.

Therefore, if you for any reason, have to take down the next session hours, we still need to take the full-planned time. Otherwise, you have to inform us 2 days before the session and latest at 12 pm to avoid being charged for the full hours.

For example, our maid is at your home and you tell her to skip some things so she can finish earlier. We can do that but this goes under the late cancellation policy and she needs to get paid for the missed/promised hours for that session.

***Cancellations and rebooking on the same day will be charged for the full planned hours. 


***If you have Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays and keep canceling for 40 to 50% in a month and also the next month, then there is a risk that you will lose those days and we have to move your cleaning sessions to Mondays or Tuesdays or even change your maid.
Thank you.

We wish all of you to be always safe, healthy, and have a clean home!

I need to cancel or rebook

my session

Jag måste avboka eller omboka min tid

Is this the first time you cancel this month? Är detta första gången du avbokar i denna månad? (If you cancel to many times then you can loose your regular date or maid.

Thanks for submitting!

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