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VD har ordet på Engelska

Dear Clients,

This is the owner of Malmö Maids.

My name is Arash and Im born 86 in Sweden and educated to Sea Captain no limit on University and before that I study to Car repairer. I also have been working with Football referee for almost 10 years.

Before I started Malmö Maids together with my Wife Roselle I created Study Fuel. This was my first company and it was a Tutoring Company. I hired a lot of smart and number one students that went home to other students and helped them with the school stuff.

Malmö Maids and Home Services AB is right now doing arounf 2M/year and we are only soon on the 3 year. This company was in our minds just going to do 300 000 per year and not 2M. Our company is growing fast and why we are doing so good is because the employees we have are super good. Are employees are like our friends and we do not give them bad salaries or make them feel bad for anything. We know that if we want happy clients we sure need to have happy Employees. Happy employees will always take care of our clients good.

The other thing is that the person that plan the schedule is super smart. I married this girls just because she was absolutely the smartest girl I ever meet before. I do not write this just because we are married, no I will just be honest and write the truth here. Her brain is like a safe box, never forget and one of the best problem solver i Know. For me I have the experience and the Face out to the clients. Im awesome with advertising and getting us new Clients.
We are using special schedule program that is for the Tutoring Company I had before but it is so good that we do not lose any clients for missing them. Many compaines have a bad program so they are losing clients just because of the programs are bad and its hard to use.

If we loose clients its more for they maybe moving from Malmö or they got a bad economy. Last time we lost clients for giving a bad service was for over 15 months ago. This things are the reason why we are going so fast. 

We offer Moving cleaning, home cleaning and windows cleaning. Other thing is stairs cleaning and office cleaning.

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